The best Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Southern California.

Downtown La Loft with White marble epoxy with black vein

We have placed a major emphasis on Epoxy Metallic Flooring due to the copious customer demand and the amazing versatility this product has to offer.

Our own line of colors and blends have been specifically formulated to provide the most beautiful and durable floor possible.

From a warehouse to a penthouse, a restaurant to a home garage, it’s a trans-formative floor and the creative possibilities are endless. The beauty of Metallic Epoxy is that no two floors are identical. Every floor we install will be entirely unique to its new setting.

At Pearl Epoxy Flooring, we adhere to only the highest industry standards and use the best Metallic Epoxy Flooring materials available on the market today. Your project is not just another job to us, it’s a piece of the Pearl Epoxy Flooring portfolio for life.

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Unlike most of our competitors, WE ARE A REAL BRICK AND MORTAR INSTALLATION COMPANY. That means that only installers Trained and Licensed by us will be there for you during the installation process and for many years to come.

We provide top-quality workmanship, excellent products and we guarantee all of our work in writing. Our installation crews have decades of experience and are willing to go that extra mile to make your vision a reality. If you want to add that special sparkle to your home or business, GIVE US A CALL TODAY!

beautiful Silver and copper epoxy marble metallic flooring